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Local food bringing local food security, economy, jobs, health, fuel conservation and local food price stabilization!

My name is Ruell Chappell. I’m a local food activist, a member of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils and a big believer in the fact we can change our country one city, one county, one state at a time. I’m convinced that lasting change will come through the food and economically sustainable community; change that will only come from the bottom up… not the top down. This page is dedicated to truth and transparency in our food. One can only KNOW their food when they can KNOW their producer and his/her methods of growing/raising their product. This page is dedicated to the advancement of a local food system and all the benefits it will bring culminating in the sustainable community. This page is NOT for political rants…. rather it is created to support REAL LOCAL ACTION HERE IN OUR COMMUNITY. Real change comes from the ground up through hard work. Everything else is distraction.

What We Do

We promote “Truth and Transparency” in our food through the promotion of those that produce, process, serve, sell and consume Locally Produced Food.  The TRUTH about food is LOCAL where you can see it, where you can taste it, where you can know it.

Who We Are

“Truth is Local” is a page dedicated to the advancement of “locally produced” food.  Increased local food production will bring local food security, a viable local economy with jobs, improved community health, local fuel conservation and local food price stabilization.  All of the latter are necessary to sustain communities all over the United States.  Since the 1960′s we have been outsourcing our jobs leaving our local economies to subsist on service industries. It has not served us well.  In order to become locally sustainable again, we must produce. We must create. We must manufacture.  We are those that believe the most logical means to that end begins with local food.  Demand for locally produced food must come first.  Increased demand will call for an ever-increasing local food supply.  Once demand and supply reach an optimum level, local processing and further processing will appear. All along the way jobs will be created.  Real change will not come from the top down but from the bottom up through thousands of viable local economies.  We are about making America strong and sustainable again one city, one county, one state at a time!

Ruell Chappell