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A Free Market? IT IS NOT!

A Free Market?  IT IS NOT!

Please read this important story. Here is the reason that small producers not only can’t compete in the market…. they can’t even GET to the market. As long as WE as CONSUMERS allow this to continue, our chances or regaining local food independence, local economy with jobs, improved health, local fuel conservation and local food price stabilization continue to diminish. Answer? Demand Locally Produced Food everywhere you go! Demand Locally Produced Protein, Dairy, Produce, Fruit and Locally Processed Products in your Markets, your Restaurants, your Schools, your Hospitals, AND in YOUR HOME.  Only then will we start inching back to the Sustainable Local Community. Please read and share.

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  1. It looks to me like the fruition of the United Nations agenda 21. If there is someway to prevent people from being self sufficient the UN is involved. And what agenda 21 does not cover the codex alimentarius does.

    we sure do need a free market – this article did not cover it but one of the most unfree places around are IMHO farmers markets. Last month I was talking to the health inspector for Green Country about selling a product at farmers markets that currently is unavailable. He basically told me that I was not free to contract with customers and sell them a product produced in my kitchen, even though no fraud would be involved as I would let my customers know this. He went on to inform me that if I did not have $20,000 to build an inspected kitchen that I could not sell my product. Is the is free market in the land of the free? Let me add that even if I did have the money to construct an inspected kitchen I would not want one for 2 reasons. First the venture might fail and why would I unnecessarily invest this amount of money? The second being that this investment would double the price of what I would have to sell my product for. IT would in effect make my “local food” too expensive for most of the people I would like to sell it to.

    Many farmers markets are also not free market in another respect. If you want to go there and sell the easy to grow, and high profit vegetables you will run into a Good Ol’ Boys Club where the established growers are the only ones allowed to do so.

    To have a free market in agriculture you need competition, and to have competition you need people to have access to land. The people that would be most interested in starting an agricultural venture are not able to because access to owning land is a fatal hurdle for may of them. Jefferson as usual had great insight into this problem:

    “Whenever there are in any country uncultivated lands and
    unemployed poor, it is clear that the laws of property have been so
    far extended as to violate natural right.”

    I have a lot of ideas for how we could create many, many more small farms. One idea would be for customers to purchase the land or make the payments on land for an aspiring farmer in exchange for guaranteed food at discounted prices for a set number of years. I will close for now as this post is getting pretty long. But yes the free market is the answer to our food needs.

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