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The Logic Behind Local Food.

The Logic Behind Local Food.

My Vision is the sustainable community. 70 years ago we had thousands of strong local economies across this country. These economies were not impacted by economies overseas, nor the fluctuation of neighboring economies. In my mind i know that the only way for our country to become strong again is to rebuild that local sustainability from the ground up; one city, one county, one state at a time.  I’ve chosen food because it is necessary for life and because communities across this country ( Springfield, MO for example ) get their food from a minimum of 1500 miles away and we only keep 3 days of food on hand at any given time. Given our reliance on fuel oil and the fact that the world grew less food last year than the year previous, it only makes sense that a move back toward local food, local water and local energy sustainability is in order. Locally produced food will create local food security, a local economy with jobs, improved health, local fuel conservation and local food price stabilization. It’s not dooms day rhetoric, it’s just math. If we grow food in our backyards and around our metro areas, it doesn’t take as much fuel to get to market and we hedge our bets against fuel and food price increases. In a nutshell that is it. Local producers cannot sustain a living growing food to give away to local pantries. Donations are down, and the hungry grow in number. Change from the top down is useless. Legislation can be negated with a pen stroke… however, an economic engine can produce real and lasting change. My goal is to utilized the strongest trend I’ve witnessed in my life and create the under pennings of a local food system, thus, a local economy.


  1. To make your vision possible we need to get government out of local food, and let the free market do it’s magic.

    It was government that closed down the local SW Missouri canneries when they introduced laws requiring screening from insects.

    We should have learned out lesson that time. But as they say those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

    • Amen! Earth and Life changing events have ALWAYS come from the will of the people. Key here is that we have not thought as a population in a long time. We’ve been seduced by the thought that gov will fix all and that all we have to do is set back and wait. It has NEVER happened…. nor will it. Economies are created by people…. DEMAND. Demand for local food must grow….. by the will of the people,… and then we will, once again, have local food security, a local economy with jobs, improved health, local fuel conservation and local food price stabilization….. THEN…. on to water and energy!

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